2016 – Vex Robotics Competition
Lakota East High School

2018 – Junior Solar Sprint Competition
Hopewell Junior School

Imagine an activity so captivating that your students spend hours working on it for weeks at a time. That is what can happen when TSA members engage in TSA competitions. Expert judging by technology and engineering educators and industry representatives inspires the best from participants. Members are rewarded not only with medals or trophies, but also with memories of the camaraderie and the challenge of participating in TSA.
Of the 60+ TSA competitions, Ohio has selected the following events for 2019:

High School Competitions

Architectural Design
Biotechnology Design
Board Game Design
CAD Architecture
CAD Engineering
Dragster Design
Engineering Design
Flight Endurance
Structural Engineering
System Control Technology
Technical Problem Solving
Transportation Modeling
Video Game Design
Web Design

Middle School Competitions

CAD Foundations
Children’s Stories
Electrical Applications
Jr Solar Sprint
Microcontroller Design
Off the Grid
Problem Solving
Structural Engineering
Systems Control Technology
Technology Design
Vex Robotics
Web Design

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